To Proclaim Jesus on campus to Present Everyone Mature in Him

About Us

We are a student community of Christians at James Cook Uni who love Jesus. We want to help everyone know him better.

We are part of a fellowship of Christian student groups around Australia called the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) and are affiliated with the Student Union at James Cook Uni.

This website is for the group at the Townsville campus.

If you are studying in Cairns we’d love you to join us at the Christian Students Cairns Group. The way to find out more about what’s happening there is to jump on Facebook and like the Christian Students JCU Cairns page. 

We recently changed our name

To mark the 50th anniversary of our group in 2020, we have changed from Christian Union JCU to JCU Christian Students. We did this to express our unity with other Christian groups across the state and provide clarity to new students seeking to find out about Jesus at uni.

Please sign up here to find out more